Who We Are

New Life Mission is a nonprofit charitable organization that offers a free after school drop-in for youth ages 5-18.

Our Purpose:  The Mission exists to provide a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment to enable youth, regardless of their socio-economic environment, to realize their God-given potential and empower them to become active contributors to their community.

Our History:   New Life Mission has been around since 1983, when it was started by the partnership of two downtown churches, Highfield Baptist and First Baptist Moncton. It was a way to reach out to the youth in Moncton’s East End where there was a large concentration of low-income and single parent families. Most of the population is seen as at-risk. There was a high incidence of crime, alcohol, and drug abuse. Among the youth there was a great risk of being a school dropout and teen pregnancies. For many of the youth there was also the risk of becoming involved with the law due to the life cycle in the community.

The Mission had its beginnings on Main Street near Bore Park. After a short time, it moved to a location in front of the Aberdeen School that is now the Aberdeen Cultural Centre. After a couple of years, it moved again onto Lester Street, in the King George School facility that had been closed. After being there for almost two years, the house beside it was purchased and from that time till present day, the New Life Mission is at this location, 155 Lester Street.

Our Current Locations During this School Year:

Over the last 33 years, our community work has expanded to multiple locations, connecting with 100+ youth in our community each year.

  • front155 Lester St., Moncton – Open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays after school until 5:00 pm for ages 5-18. Mondays are dedicated to teenagers, where we cook and eat supper with them until 6 pm. This is a great chance to get to know our teens and help them build life skills and deal the struggles and issues they are facing daily.
  • 170west-lane-baptist West Lane, Moncton – An after-school drop-in program at West Lane Baptist Church on Mondays for children in the north-end of the city.   Mondays, 3-5 pm for Grades K-8. This program location resumes in July.


  • 157 Queen St., Moncton – An after-school drop-in program at First Baptist Church on Wednesdays for children Grades K-5 from 2-6 pm, which includes supper. This program location runs until May 17th.



  • 26 Braam Crescent, Hillsborough – Hillsborough children, Grades K-5, may drop-in at the after-school program located at the Hillsborough Baptist Church from 2-6 pm on Tuesdays which includes supper.  This program location runs until May 9th.